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Facing Bricks
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Facing Bricks

The section of Facing Bricks was created in 1985, with the aim of promoting and disseminating in Spain ceramic parts with high technical and aesthetic quality.

Facing bricks are exceptionally attractive, enabling them to be used in outside walls. They also have a series of technical features that guarantee they meet all quality requirements: resistance to water, absorption, compression, etc. They are available in four models –traditional, clinker, glazed and stoneware- all manufactured with ecological and sustainable material, which are therefore environmentally friendly.

The activities carried out by the section of Facing Bricks, include publications, such as the excellent “Manual to Build Facades with Facing Bricks”, an essential reference book for those interested in this technique, where you will find full information and documentation requirements, a multitude of details in CAD and texts to incorporate in the specifications.

The most important event of the section of Facing Bricks is the organization of the Architecture with Bricks Award, an event held biannually with the purpose of promoting architectural production in Spain, which use facing bricks and to achieve dissemination and social impact.

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